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All levels of Scouting are open to both males and females.
The programs are designed to be fun and challenging while building a foundation for good citizenship. 

New members are welcome to attend for up to 4 weeks without any commitment, to see how they like the programs. For duty of care reasons, we need some paperwork filled out on your first night but this does not obligate you to continue to join. If you would like to save time on your first night, please download and complete the H1 and Y1 forms here and bring with you on your first night.

If you are new to Scouting and would like to know more, please contact the Group Leader Amanda (Ninghan) by email ninghan@maddingtonscouts.org.au

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About being a leader

Young people need leadership. They need the guidance of informed and caring adults to develop self-reliance, initiative and responsibility

If you care about the future generation, if you want to contribute, to learn about yourself and other people and want to have fun doing it, then we want you to join us as a Leader. Leaders care not only about the young people under their guidance, but also about the communities in which they live. The training program for Leaders is suited to the level of commitment you choose and is full of interest.

Joey Scout Leaders help young children take one of their first steps out into the world beyond their family and school.

Cub Scout Leaders lead a Pack, which still requires a fair amount of adult supervision.

Scout Leaders lead a Scout Troop, which demands less direct leadership, but definite help in training for indoor and outdoor activities.

Venturer Scouts require a special kind of Leader. These young men and women need more of a friend than a supervisor. They need someone they can turn to for guidance and help, who has time and inclination to understand them.

Rovers have a Crew Adviser, a mature age person who maintains close contact and is called on for help and advice as needed.

By taking an interest, by becoming involved, you'll find the experience of being a Leader has its own rewards. You'll find enormous satisfaction in helping young people achieve. Their achievements will be your achievements too. You can feel proud of their successes, and be spurred on by their progress. Your ability to relate to your Section members will give you a sense of growing accomplishment as their trust and confidence in you grows. And you'll know that you're helping young people to shape their lives and that means doing something significant for the future.

The Scout Association will provide you with full training to equip you as a leader to provide a safe and fun development program to your youth members.